After years of living in a nice, three-bedroom home for our large family, Sandy and I are seriously thinking about joining the “Tiny House Movement.”

Over the past several months, she has become very interested in tiny homes. The phenomenon has caught on nation-wide as couples move out of big homes and into smaller ones.

Some of the square footages are less than the master bedroom in our current home, ranging from 90 feet to upwards of 500 feet.

In our situation, all the children have left, leaving us to occupy nearly 3,000 square feet. My job keeps me busy covering meetings and ball games with Sandy having the house to herself until I arrive.

The more she has become interested in the show, the more she has talked about the idea of a smaller space. We only utilize the kitchen, our bathroom and the master bedroom.

Why stay in a home and pay a hefty mortgage when only three of the eight rooms are used. Do we stay or do we go?

We could sell our current residence and purchase a tiny house, along with a couple of acres, and be debt free. Doesn’t that sound enticing?

Who cares if our children visit and we have to sit under the trees in the shade to spend time with them. At dark they have to go home. Friends who visit will have to do likewise. Another ingenious idea.

The electricity bill would also decline nearly 75 percent. You can’t be a hoarder either. Two more checks.

There are some minuses: like space limitations for family/friend visits and giving away everything you have purchased over the years to fill a house our size. I look at it as helping out families who need it more than we do.

All I need is a bed, a love seat and a TV and I’m good. It’s mostly a bed and a TV, though.

Sandy didn’t have to twist my arm too much for the idea to really settle in. Now if we can just find the perfect spot with a pond. Sandy will be happy fishing and I’ll just sit back and watch.

Rick Head is the editor of The Alma Times. He can be reached at