Rick Head

As I lay in bed New Year’s Eve, awaiting the dropping of the ball to ring in the new year, I mentioned to my wife, Sandy, a conversation that took place earlier in the day at the office.

Our office manager, Susan Waller, sales rep, Tammy Burkhalter, and I were discussing whether any of us would make it until the bewitching midnight hour. All three of us have advanced beyond the celebrating stage of yesteryear.

The discussion, however, turned to right here in Alma — the Blueberry Capital — and why such an event can’t be held here. Who needs to watch a beautiful crystal ball descend at Times Square in New York when a beautiful “Blueberry” can be dropped at our own Times Square — Goldwasser Park.

Just imagine having the Bacon County High School band playing Auld Lang Syne on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of residents. A 60-foot tower could be erected next to the stage with the huge “Blueberry” starting its descent at 11:59 p.m.

A New Year’s Eve selection committee could choose an outstanding citizen to flip the switch to start the downward journey with spectators cheering and celebrating right here. We don’t need a million or so people to celebrate.

Just think of the media attention this would bring to our tiny little community. Why let the big cities have all the fun?

The “Blueberry” drops with fireworks popping and confetti flying right in the middle of town. People dancing in and around Goldwasser Park as a few songs are played.

It’s a novel idea to help bring a community closer together and celebrate. It could go hand-in-hand with the annual Blueberry Festival. Visitors to the spring event could see the “Blueberry” and make plans to return each December 31.

Grand events are born from thoughts. Maybe my idea will take off. Time will tell.