Many, many, many years ago Cher released a song titled, “If I Could Turn Back Time.” The song was actually released on the 1989 album “Heart of Stone.”

The title of the song came to mind Tuesday night when the grandchildren surprised Sandy and me by dressing up in our clothing. The pair, who live in Atlanta, are spending their summer vacation with us.

We had sent them in for their nightly bath when they came out all dressed up. “Jut Jut”, a nickname I gave M.J. shortly after his birth 10 years ago, was wearing a pair of my khaki pants, a pullover shirt and sporting the hat and sunglasses I wear daily. Amari, our nine-year-old doll, was sashaying around in Sandy’s sun dress, wearing heels and sporting a pocketbook. The duo  looked like they were ready for a night on the town.

Sandy and I were about to fall out of our chairs laughing as the two strutted around, imitating us. It was a great “Mini Me” version without Verne Taylor of Austin Powers fame.

Honestly, the laughter was just seeing us traveling back in time at warp speed. Instead of Walt Disney’s 1989 movie “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” this 2016 version should be titled, “I Shrunk the Parents.”

Charles Caleb Colton, an English writer, once penned, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Colton was right about that. If someone imitates you, it shows you have touched their life.

Being a grandparent is the best thing there is, though. We get to love the grandchildren, spoil them, and tell them how much they remind us of their mom or dad at that age. They give us joy.

The reality for our grandchildren is they are lucky to have loving grandparents to visit and learn from. With the wisdom and patience that decades of experience bring, we occupy a special place in their life.

Sandy and I don’t worry about entertaining the grandchildren because they entertain us. It’s spontaneous and many times it is hilarious. So, we’re going to enjoy them while they are here and miss them when they return home.

These are memories that will be cherished.