While traveling recently down one of the many highways criss-crossing our great state, I heard a noise from outside my vehicle that caught me off-guard.

I was listening to the radio, which was turned down softly and not rattling all parts of my vehicle. Having said “soft”, I’ve never understood while some drivers think everyone wants to hear the music being blared from their speakers. The vibration of windows as the vehicle passes by is annoying.

Anyway, I start looking in my rear view mirror as well as the side view mirrors to see what the commotion may be. I’m looking for a mad swarm of mosquitoes, because that’s the buzzing sound I’m hearing fastly approach.

Nothing. There is not a car behind me. There can’t be a vehicle on my passenger side because I’m in the outside lane. I didn’t see anything on the inside lane either.

Confused, I started looking skyward. Still nothing, but the sound was getting closer to the driver’s side door. Suddenly, it was beside me.

As I peered out the window, I noticed a small car passing. I have a heavy foot and was “slightly” exceeding the posted speed limit of 65 miles per hour at the moment. This tiny four-seater, though, was rolling past me making it look like I was out enjoying a Sunday afternoon drive.

When the back fender of the vehicle neared my front bumper, I realized the noise was being emitted by a muffler bigger than the car. The muffler looked like it belonged on a semi-truck. The engine needed for the vehicle was perhaps the size used in go-carts. The pairing of the two was laughable as the vehicle moved on out of site leaving me in its wake.

As I tried turning my attention back to the soft-playing music, I had one more thought race through my scattered brain. Why is it there are usually no lawmen out patrolling some of these “autobahn” highways when traffic is moderate to heavy in mid-afternoon?

It’s a question that is only answered when I’m the only vehicle on a desolate stretch trying to get home after a long day. It’s amazing how many “blue light” specials I’ve been lucky to see over the years in this great state.

As I move on in my travels, I would like to thank the many citizens of Bacon County for the support given me in my time here. I’ve loved every minute and wish the community nothing but the best in the years to come.

May God bless.