That was the question many in the community were asking a couple weeks ago when Hurricane Irma blew through Bacon County.

The American Red Cross declined to open an emergency shelter here at that time citing a lack of trained volunteers and other resources.

At last week’s called county commission meeting, Bacon County EMA Director Danny Turner said he has arranged for a Red Cross representative to meet with the public here on Tuesday, October 24, at 6 p.m. in the courthouse meeting room.

“Anyone interested in a better understanding of ‘official’ storm shelters is encouraged to attend this meeting,” he said. “Also, anyone interested in learning to become a trained Red Cross volunteer should attend.”

“Before and after Irma, there was a lot of concern about sheltering. This meeting will give the reasons why Bacon County did not have an official shelter open during the event.”

Turner also said if enough interested volunteers are available, the Red Cross is willing to hold training classes at the Bacon County Emergency Operations Center.

The EMA director also gave the county commissioners an update on damages sustained around the county during Irma, and said he has met twice with GEMA and FEMA representatives about what needs to be done to seek reimbursement for some of the county’s storm-related expenses.

“We will continue to pursue whatever funds we can get to recoup some of our expenses,” Turner said. “Weve documented everything and have about 1,000 photos to submit for everything from road damage, to communication tower damage.”

“We also are seeking funds for projects that could mitigate damage from future events.”