Over the past few years, I have given a lot of thought to retiring as your sheriff. I have expressed this to many of you privately.

A few days ago I made a public announcement 2016 would be my last year in the office you, the citizens of Bacon County, entrusted me with for 16 years.

After my public announcement, however, I allowed myself to become overwhelmed by the kind words from many of you, encouraging me to consider one more term. Despite my retirement announcement, and the strong and unqualified endorsement I had given long-time Chief Deputy Mark Cothren, just before qualifying closed, I again entered my name as a candidate for sheriff.

I qualified because of my love and respect for the Office of Sheriff and because my mind was changed by the responses I received from my decision to step down. After careful consideration, I realized my qualifying was a mistake and I have withdrawn my name as a candidate.

I made up my mind to retire, I said I was retiring, and I am retiring.

The Bacon County Sheriff’s Office is in the best shape it has been in during my lifetime. Mark has worked closely with me and has been a dependable and capable right-hand man. He has the experience and character to continue to provide you with the honest and efficient law enforcement you deserve.

My wife, Gina, and I sincerely appreciate your support and friendship.

Sheriff Richard Foskey