Thieves and vandals beware! Bacon County is watching you.

At a recent county commission meeting, the board members unanimously approved the purchase of “trail cam” to be placed at strategic locations in the unincorporated areas to record theft of road signs, vandalism, and other damage to county property.

“These will go in the repetitive areas for road damage, sign theft, and other crimes,” said County Commission Chairman Andy Hutto. “We need to stop some of this foolishness.”

“In some spots around the county the vandalism and theft is almost continuous and it’s costing the taxpayers money. We’re going to catch these people and put their picture on the front page of the paper.”

County Commissioner John Thomas was happy with the decision to purchase the surveillance cameras.

“We’re spending money on the replacements and repairs anyway,” he said. “We might as well put a little into trying to stop it. Knowing they could be caught on camera might be a deterrent.”

In other business, the commissioners agreed to consider putting the paving of Sunfish and Fisherman Roads on their next Community Development Block Grant application due to concerns about the roads becoming nearly impassable during wet weather.

“Emergency vehicles can’t get in and out of that area,” said Commissioner Jerry Turner. “It’s happened several times now.”

Bacon County Road Supervisor Charlie Medders said the road had been inspected by the county engineer and “well qualifies” for work under the grant.

Medders also told the commissioners he’s been working with the state DOT on the re-striping of 35.2 miles of county roads, including Bennett Still, Old Alma School, Wolf Pit, Dedge Farm, and more.

With 100 percent DOT funding, new signs would also be placed on the roads. The county would contribute by shaving back grass and dirt from the shoulders of the roads to cut down on standing water.

“The only problem is it might be as late as May of next year before they can get to it,” the road supervisor said. “We’re going to hope it will be sooner, but it might be that long.”

Also during the meeting, the commission voted unanimously to begin issuing county business licenses at a cost of $35. The licenses would not be required, but would be available through an application process for anyone needing one.