Bacon county is rockin’ — Painted stones display pride, bring sense of surprise, fun to community

The Alma Times’ Susan Waller displays the Raider Rock she found outside the newspaper office recently.

Life been sorta “rocky” lately? Keep your eyes open around town and you just might spy a little something to cheer you up.

The painted rock trend which has been spreading around the country has come to Bacon County. In recent weeks, “Raider Rocks” have been found in numerous locations around Alma, including the Bacon County Library, the Alma Times office, and Sweat’s Dry Cleaners.

The small rocks are hand-painted and then anonymously placed in public areas where they can perk up someone’s day when found. The idea is for the finder to then take the rock and re-hide it for someone else to find.

The rocks found around Bacon County so far have been mostly red, and feature a slogan related to the BC Raiders.

“I think it’s fun,” said Kathy Wooten, a Raider Rock finder. “I had seen this on social media, but didn’t know anyone was doing it here until I found the rock.”

Wooten said she took the rock from where she found it, but spent a couple days before placing it somewhere else.

“I was looking for just the right spot,” she said. “It needed to be in an area where it would be easy to find, but not too easy.”

The idea is becoming more and more popular around the country, and social media pages and websites have sprung up supporting the fun idea. One such website is the Kindness Rocks Project.

“Our goal is simple,” reads their site. “[It’s] to promote random acts of kindness to unsuspecting recipients whether by painting and dropping inspirational rocks or some other cool, creative way to bring kindness to the world.”

The group recommends using flat, smooth rocks, non-toxic paints, and a clear sealer. They also suggest getting permission from businesses or property owners before leaving a rock.

“It is our goal to promote respect and consideration for others while spreading kindness,” they say.

A quick check of Facebook shows numerous pages related to painted rocks (including 912 Rocks), an invitation to join in the fun on the Alma Georgia Online Yard Sale page, and a post of the kids at New Vision Church in Alma after painting rocks and hiding them back in June.